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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Today they are going back in the belly area and do some more work to the bladder, bowel and pelvis. Surgery takes roughly 5-6 hours, but is needed as the bladder is leaking into the abdomen. Their intent is to go in and repair the bladder and bowel and they are planning on putting 2 rods, 2 pins and 2 plates in the pelvis to hold the 5 breaks together.

Surgery lasted about 4 hours and went well. They decided not to put plates in the pelvis due to the extensive surgery to the belly area. Instead, they put 1 rod and 2 pins along with an exterior contraption to hold the pelvis together. This could be his new “ pelvis “ for the next 6 weeks.

On this day the brain peg was also removed as there was not significant findings. The MRI does appear that Noah had a stroke on impact. The extent of this damage will not be known until he is more coherent.

Evening CT scan showed they may need to go in tomorrow and add those plates, surgery is at 8:30 am.

Justin, Abigail and Mike call Noah and I ask if he can hear them talking and he starts moving his left foot. Tears are flowing as he knows we are there.

Color and stats are good. Woo Hoo.

Keep them prayers coming.

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