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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The phone rings at 7:15 am and they are taking him back for surgery. Surgery should take approximately 2-3 hours. It is a pretty easy surgery and is done all the time. The Cardiologist says surgery doesn’t really require any additional maintenance, except for an aspirin daily. It took a little longer to get started on him due to the trauma unit being behind. Around noon he was out of surgery. It went well. They had to go through his left arm to get to the aorta and then opened a little window in the flow pattern to allow the blood to travel easier to the left arm.

As I sit by Noah’s beside, I ask him to give me a small sign, anything to let me know if he knows I am there, and he squeezes my hand. What an AWESOME victory. I am crying and thanking the good Lord above for this small sign.

His color looks good, he looks better today.

Wow, those prayers are kicking in. Thank you !

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