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Thursday, March 4, 2021

God is great !

Each day we look at Noah, we can't help but be amazed how far he has come. Thank you all again for your continued support, prayers, texts, phone calls and meals. The outpouring of love and friendship has helped our family through some " rough " days.

Noah is doing very well. The left cast came off Wednesday and the tendon transfer was a success. He can move all 5 of his fingers and can grasp objects. He has been working with his PT nurses and can stand on his own, shuffle his feet and take a few steps ( for about 10-20 minutes ). Due to him being bedridden for so long, he gets dizzy after about 20 minutes and has to take a break.

Highlights of the past week, 1st shower since the accident, lots of food that he has been craving ( and missed out on for the past 10 weeks ), stats continue to look good, scars and wounds are healing nicely, he got to go outside and enjoy some fresh air and his attitude of gratitude is still strong.

Next up, therapy. Noah will be moving to Sheltering Arms on Monday for his next phases of therapy. We ask for continued prayers and strength for Noah as this is where the hard work starts.

We are also asking for prayers for Noah's right arm. He has made some small progress and can shrug his shoulder ( he couldn't do that before ), but the pain is excruciating and Noah is having a hard time handling.

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