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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Happy Sunday. I am sorry that we are playing catch up since Wednesday's post. Noah has had lots going on.

First, let's begin by praising God for all of the many victories. Each day is a blessing and we are beyond grateful for the blessing of faith from the prayers that have risen up for Noah.

Thank you !

We are also extremely thankful that the staff at MCV / VCU has allowed continued visitation for mom and dad and they too feel that the visitation will help with his overall healing process.

Thank you !

Noah's pelvis surgery went well, small complications, but the Ortho Team is working hard to determine what's going.

He has continued to breath on his own with no additional support. The trach hole is smaller and capped off, which is one step closer to coming out. He is swallowing good enough that some additional foods are being offered to him ( still not Popeye's though ).

He did start some small " rehab " and was able to sit on the side of his bed and hold his balance by himself ( Rehab Doctor was pleasantly surprised ).

His stomach is craving a little bit of everything. A family member has been pureeing homemade soups and sweet treats for him and he is LOVING it. Today he had chocolate chip cookies and milk ( and is waiting for the next delivery, LOL ).

Noah has remained very appreciative to the Nurses, Staff and anyone that lends a helping hand. His attitude of gratitude has the Doctors and Nurses commenting on his positivity which will also lead to his overall health.

He loves his iPad. He listens to mostly Christian music ( and sings along ), FaceTimes all of us and checks out a Netflix movie here and there.

Monday should be a BIG day for Noah. He is moving to a long term care rehab hospital here in Richmond. The Ortho Doctor has told him that his left cast will probably be coming off

on Monday too ( Noah has taken it off 6 times himself ).

Psalm 107:21

Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind.

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