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Sunday, April 4, 2021

He has RISEN !

1 Peter 1:3: Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!

It has been a rough week. Noah's surgery on Monday was a success. He did tear his PCL, Meniscus and the outer ligaments on his right knee. After surgery, his heart rate was a little off as well as his oxygen. The Doctor decided to admit him just to be safe. Well, he is still at MCV ( almost a week later ). He is doing well, but they can not seem to find transportation to get him back over to Sheltering Arms Rehab. While the right leg has no weight bearing for 6 weeks, Sheltering Arms accepted him back to work on his left side ( so he won't miss out on any Occupational, Speech or Physical Rehab ).

Noah is getting a little agitated as he has been stuck in the bed for almost a week.

We are in hopes that he will be moved tomorrow, if not, he may be coming back home ;)

Continue to pray for Noah's right arm ( he has named his arm George ). He does feel that he has a little more mobility in the shoulder area and thought he felt something in one of his fingers, but couldn't lift his finger.

All prayers, thoughts, texts and phones calls are appreciated more than you know.


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