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Monday, December 14, 2020

At 4:00 am this morning they had to put a brain peg in, this is to help monitor brain activity and the fluid on the brain. He did really well and the doctor assured me this was a pretty common procedure. Not sure about the haircut he gave Noah, but… At this time, they do not see any brain damage, however, additional CT scans will be done for the next several days / weeks.

As for the broken bones in the neck, the doctor said these should heal on their own with no damage to the neck or spine that would hinder him in the future. As for the carotid arteries, in order for these to heal, they need a little help with blood thinners. Since the CT scan showed that Noah did have a stroke (s), blood thinners are not being administered at this time.

The CT scan also showed that the tear in Noah’s aorta had gotten larger and he was going to need a stint. Surgery will be done on Tuesday.

God is GREAT !

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