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Friday, January 8, 2021

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Friday started off to be a good day... until we got a call from Noah asking why there was no one there visiting him. We explained with COVID there were some new restrictions and currently a no visitor policy was in effect. Noah was not happy with this. We did Facetime him several times throughout the day and then... then we got a call late in the evening from Noah. We asked where he disappeared to, he said " I fell out the bed and I am in a lot of pain. " We asked really Noah, you didn't fall out the bed ( as he is usually restrained in the bed, and if not, he has a bed alarm on ). He said he fell out the bed while trying to go to Burger King because he was hungry. All those parents know where this was going. I immediately asked to speak to his nurse, which happened to be walking in the

door. The nurse was an ICU nurse that he had prior to his move out of ICU, she was going to get a doctor to speak with us. The doctor did confirm he had fallen out of the bed ( he hit his head ) and had some additional trauma to his brain and his spinal cord ( fluid build up ). He is now back in ICU. This will lead to another surgery. Obviously Noah already has been through traumatic injuries and was steadily getting better, but God hears all prayers and you prayer warriors started praying immediately. THANK YOU.

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