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Friday, December 18, 2020

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Today they called me bright and early and said Noah was the 1st surgery of the day. They will be taking him back for additional pelvic surgery, inserting an internal feeding tube, removing his exterior feeding tube and performing a tracheotomy.

The purpose of this tracheotomy is to help wean him off the ventilator within the next few weeks.

After surgery his blood pressure spiked and heart rate dropped, they have to take him back for an additional procedure. This procedure was to insert a small camera into his belly / abdomen area and see what was going on. Noah had a lot of “ junk “ around his lungs. They had to suck it out and do another Xray to see if it was gone. Nope, they said his left lung was white, so they had to repeat the procedure. After observation for a while, he was ready to go upstairs.

Once in the room, a few small setbacks, and now he is being tested for pneumonia and / or bronchitis. This is not uncommon due to all the surgeries that have been done. Meds are given as a precaution until final results are back.

He looks GREAT, his color his good and his stats remained good all day.

He showed a lot of movement when I asked him questions.

This prayer thing is AMAZING ! Keep em coming.

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