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About Noah...

Let me introduce you to him.  Christopher Noah George, he goes by Noah, “G”,  Noahbear   ( thanks Mom ) and Cheefy.


Noah’s heart and approach to daily life was simple.  Get up, go to work, come home, trips to the dump with dad, have a beer and hang with his best friends Justin, Abigail and his dad.  He doesn’t need to go to fancy dinners, he doesn’t need to buy expensive “stuff”,  what he wanted was to just chill.

He loves to sing and make funny videos with Abigail while goofing off and cracking jokes.  He loves to go for motorcycle rides with Justin while name calling and messing with each other ( which is mandatory if you were around them ).  Now this has all been hindered due to a person thinking they had time to make it.


When asking Abigail to describe her brother, she doesn’t hold back ( and I am not sorry ).  Noah is a Christian, car enthusiast, gun rights activist, and a bad a** mofo.  Noah is the strongest and most giving person I know by far. Not only do I get the privilege of calling him my brother but my best friend. Noah always likes to make me work for things in life like teaching me to drive stick or mudding up my walls, always showing me how to do things, of course unless it’s too heavy.  He’s such a sucker for helping someone out. Noah really likes to keep me on my toes by making me guess the artist of a song or the model of a car. He constantly makes me Japanese noodles even though he knows he has to share his. He loves to give me a hard time or give me the realest advice I’ve ever heard. There’s never a moment when he isn’t making me laugh or bringing me a bowl of goldfish.  Noah is so loved and one of a kind.

Justin doesn't hold back either describing his incredible relationship with his brother. 

Noah, “G”, and “Buddy” are names between my brother and I as well as others I cannot put on here ( inside jokes ).  G is my one and only brother, my best friend, someone I can always lean on and rely on to help me get through tough times that seem impossible. He has a heart of gold and very rarely says “no” when asked to help ( unless it’s something he really doesn’t want to 

do ) however, he is a sucker for Taco Bell and WaWa so turning a no into a yes isn’t very difficult. We have a very unique and dynamic relationship as brothers, some people would think seeing us in public we would be arguing or fighting when we are just goofing around, but that’s typical behavior between us and it comes with being brothers. G understands and gets me in ways no one else can/will due to growing up together as well as going through some difficult times. Noah has a very wide and vast range of humor that cannot be duplicated. He has a way of getting under your skin to irritate you when needed or just to bug you out of love.  He has a laugh that is contagious that drives you to laugh with him.  His way of understanding a situation and giving you a different point of view or way to look at it is very distinctive.  It takes time to get him out of bed but when he gets up,  he’s motivated and ready to go

( after a Red Bull of course ) and just being in his presence makes the day worth it in ways that cannot be described.  My little brother has been there for me in more ways and tough times than I can begin to thank him for.  He knows just how to explain things to me and get me to settle down better than anyone.  I would never change or alter a thing about Noah.  Life with Noah was/is very dynamic and constantly changing due to our connection.  We spent many years side by side in sports and events, we started off with baseball which led to constant weekday/weekend practices and games, then came the 4wheelers, which changed both our lives. We received our first 4wheeler at a young age which then set the stage for adrenaline, danger, sketchiness and a need for speed. We quickly became obsessed with racing and the typical weekend we spent was at the race track, which is honestly the best place to be. Due to some unfortunate events that landed me in the ER, our racing career ended.   This all happened at age 14 while Noah was 8. I still remember him being there for me at such a young age and always being around me, spending time with me and always ensuring he could help out as well as including me in track days.  While in recovery for my situation, Noah was always trying to help with what he could.  One day while Noah was competing at a race at Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP), my dad calls and says “you got to get up here, Noah is on rails today, he’s taking home 1st”  instantly my mom and I hop in the car and rush up to VMP to see Noah racing, while on the way to the track my dad was watching him ride and he hits a ramp and all of a sudden the right rear axle flies off the bike!  My dad flips knowing this couldn’t be good but we all know GOD IS GOOD and He took care of Noah.  It threw the weight off enough which allowed the front end to land on the downside of the ramp and Noah walked away. This is just one story that GOD took care of Noah and protected him. This is Noah’s life, always on the go, always moving and always looking for something exciting. Noah WILL pull through this, he WILL walk out of that hospital, he WILL be 110% back to normal after he recovers. Noah has the support system from not only myself, my sister Abigail, mother Lisa and father Mike as well as all the support from all of you.  We cannot thank you enough for your continuous support and more importantly PRAYERS. Please keep praying, we keep making progress which indicates and validates the effectiveness of the powerful PRAYER from a POWERFUL and LOVING GOD. We love you G ! I’m going to be with you every step of the way.  I’ll always be there for you and I cannot wait to look back at this and see how far you’ve come.  I love you buddy ! SRI LANKA ! ( inside joke )


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